Valsorda is our newest EP. It features 6 of our favourite songs we composed throughout 2010. It was live-recorded in March 2011 at Blue-Noise studios in Trento, Italy by Fabio De Pretis and mastered at das Ender der Dinge by Mauro Andreolli.

Ride With The Devil: "the greatest accolade you can award to the production of Valsorda, is that it could well have been recorded anytime in the last 40 years"

Light yet refreshing: "6 tracks of unbelievably classic bluesy psychedelic goodness."

pod “electricity crackling from every pore of this disc.”

Heavy Planet: "Fans of The Black Keys will love these guys."

This self-titled album was live-recorded in October 2009 and released in January 2010 on CD and digital.

Some Press about the band and their album:

Godisinthetv: DeepSeaGreen have a high quality retro sound, they're inevitably going to be compared to the greats.

RockPulse Magazine: Cool,mellow bass-lines & husky vocals will make this album a big hit

Rebel Riffs: Classic sounds, classic songs and cast iron gonads to round it all out.

Laylas Blog: Rock and roll that's raw, sweaty and real still exists.