"DeepSeaGreen have me thrashing in the dark and soaking up the light". The Soda Shop

“They assuredly combine their own approach and style with the classic rock seams of
blues, psych, and stoner rock and come out well on top by comparison to the often tired and hackneyed offerings that abound elsewhere.”
The Mad Mackerel

"A fantastic fusion of mellow, retro blues combined with dirty riffs and brilliantly raw vocals." Ride With The Devil

DeepSeaGreen are a garage-rock band from London formed in late 2008. The four piece is made up of brothers Jon and Daniel Jefford (on guitar and drums respectively), Trent Halliday (vocals, guitar) and Marco Menestrina (bass).Their music draws on a range of influences but especially 60's/70's garage, blues and psyche, with aspects of surf and noise. They have since gigged extensively in and around London, and in 2010 released their debut record, which they follow up with the EP 'Valsorda', released in April the following year.